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Trail Summary table

Trip Name go there for bus stop to trailhead mileage access road steepness access road condition
Dungeness Forks steep, shadowy river trail leads to alpine meadows and views 6.5 to 12 miles gradually uphill paved for first five miles
Hurricane Ridge alpine panoramic vistas, connections with trails leading south and east 22 miles very steep well-paved all the way
Whiskey Bend The Elwha River in all its old growth glory, direct route to core of Park. 9 miles 4 flat, 5 steep 4 paved, 5 coarse gravel
Barnes Creek peace and quiet; steep, shadowy trailleads to seldom visited ridge; connections southward no road mileage - trail starts at bus stop    
Sol Duc / High Divide Lush old growth river trail, access to High Divide and Seven Lakes Basin 14 miles slow and gradual Paved all the way
ONP coastal strip North (Rialto Beach entrance) rugged open coastline; hop boulder to boulder for miles, inspect tidal pools,count eagles 5.5 miles tending downhill slightly paved the whole way
ONP coastal strip North (Shi Shi entrance) same as directly above; Point of the Arches is at Shi Shi; recommend entering at Rialto, exiting at Shi Shi because of bus schedule 9 miles flat, flat, flat first two miles from beach are muddier than you could ever imagine; the rest of the way to Neah Bay is paved
ONP coastal strip South (Third Beach entrance) old-growth Sitka spruce forest, interspersed with pockets and stretches of beach, some rocky, some sandy. Eagles, seals, and tidal pools. Nada. Bupkis. Bus drops you off right at trailhead.    
ONP coastal strip South (Oil City entrance) as mentioned just above 11 miles tending downhill, but with more uphill than you would expect paved for the first ten minutes. Much construction on road recently: watch for trucks
Bogachiel River pleasant river trail; elk abound 5 miles a few steep uphills near the end mostly paved
Hoh River premier destination: rain forest; huge trees covered with mosses and lichens; lotsa tourists from everywhere 19 miles flat as a board well-paved all the way
Queets River same as above, but without the tourists. River must be forded to reach trail 15 miles flat as a board coarse gravel road in poor condition the whole way (but that's why you'll have it all to yourself)
Colonel Bob long, steep trail leads to panoramic views of entire south end of peninsula 3.5 miles flat as a board well-paved all the way
Enchanted Valley long, flat rain forest trail, with one often-difficult river ford, leads to meadows surrounded by steep rock walls and waterfalls 16.5 miles quite flat most of the way paved for first five miles
North Fork Quinault gently uphill rain forest river valley 13.5 miles some uphill last 2 miles paved first 5 miles
Irely Lake / Skyline Trail tiny beaver pond; connections to scenic ridge trail 13.5 miles some uphill last 2 miles paved first 5 miles
Graves Creek / Six Ridge leave valley floor for wooded ridge, lake; connection to east 16.5 milesquite flat most of the way paved first 5 miles
Fletcher Canyon aloneness, dampness, big trees 10 miles flat as a board paved most of the way
BIG TREES! Quinault Loop Trail 854 Big Giant Trees zero n/a n/a
North Shore Cedar one specific western red cedar 5 miles flat as a board paved
Quilcene River steep, shadowy river trail leads to alpine meadows and views 18 miles steep paved for first three miles
Dosewallips steep, shadowy river trail leads to alpine meadows and views 15 miles starts out flat,last five or six miles get quite steep flat part is paved; steep part is coarse gravel
Duckabush steep, shadowy river trail leads to alpine meadows and views; a lot of elevation gain and loss to get past Little Hump, Big Hump 7 miles tending uphill; not bad at all paved for first four miles, then dirt and gravel
Hamma Hamma River Easy three mile, wide trail, leads to over-used lake, side trails into park and Wilderness from there. 8 miles first two miles uphill, then level paved for first eight miles, no shoulder
North Fork Skokomish / Staircase Easy river trail for first 9 miles, then heads steeply up country. 13 miles mostly level gravel road mostly
Glacier peak Gateway to transit dead zone... 20-23.5 miles yes, it's steep primitive gravel, but newly repaired as of Oct 2011
Skykomish Variety of short, steep trails leading into Alpine Lakes Wilderness 8-20 miles tending steeply uphill mostly unpaved
Stevens Pass access to Pacific Crest Trail; walk ridges north or south for views, find a lake of your own Zip. PCT intersects Stevens Pass    
Enchantment Lakes (Snow Lake entrance) one of the premier Cascades destinations; a difficult-to attain high basin with glacier-polished granite slabs, isolated mountain tarns, sharp peaks and goats 4.5 miles first four miles are flat flat part is paved; steep part is coarse gravel
Enchantment Lakes (Colchuck Lake entrance) see above 13.5 miles first four miles are flat; next 9.5 are steeply uphill flat part is paved; steep part is coarse gravel
Lake Wenatchee High ridges and meadows in late summer; long approaches to Glacier Peak several options, most 5-15 miles steep mostly unpaved
Mad River Share miles of ridge-running trails and tiny lakes with motorcycles 5 miles steep unpaved gravel logging roads
Ardervoir other side of Entiat Mtns. (see Mad River) 3.5 miles steep unpaved gravel logging roads
Ingalls Creek long, pleasant river trail,leading eventually to alpine scenery 8 miles largely flat; slight uphill in last mile paved the whole way
Lake Chelan take boat uplake to Stehekin, access to North Cascades Nat'l Park Stehekin even runs a shuttle from the boat landing to the trailheads, so... zero miles    
Packwood Lake entrance to Goat Rocks Wilderness,PCT, high ridges, elk and goats 9 miles to lake first 5.5 miles are steep, the rest are largely flat first 5.5 are well-paved; rest is gravel
Tatoosh Wilderness Area nestled up against south side of Rainier, great views of the peak 10 miles first five miles are relatively flat, the rest is steep first five miles paved
Vanson Peak Peak offers close views to Adams, St.Helens 7 miles first three miles are flat (along Cowlitz Lake), then gradually uphill gravel the whole way
Snowgrass Flat premier destination, high meadows offering majestic views of Adams, St. Helens, and (eventually) Rainier 16 miles first 13 miles mostly steep with some flat stretches; last 3 miles quite steep gravel the whole way
Goat Ridge Goat Lake, side entrance to Snowgrass Flat, high ridge 9 hard-ass dry miles (unreliable water - pack it in) very steep very coarse gravel

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