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Squeegee bearsMount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest Alternative Transportation Feasibility Study invites Dave, and needs a better acronym.

November, 2011 -Washington state agencies seek input from locals with interests in getting single-occupancy vehicles off the congested access routes to MBSNF. Dave brings his greenzo-geeky authority to the proceedings. Here's his report from the front, mercilessly interpreted in living color by our friend Gail Preset.

Backpacking by Bus Launches Website, Predicts Crowded Buses Near That Town with the Funny Name

May 15, 2009 - If you've found us, welcome! This website is the evil spawn brainchild of Dave McBee who, for years wrote articles for Get Lost Magazine (now Lost Intelligencer) on this very topic and wanted his own site. We'll be updating our explorations and would love to hear reports from you when you try these adventures out for yourself!



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