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Maps for Each Trail

Hike Name Green Trails Map Name& Number USGS Map (7.5ʼ) Name
1. Olympics North
Dungeness Forks / Buckhorn Wilderness Tyler Peak 136 Mt. Zion, Mt. Townsend
Hurricane Ridge Port Angeles 103, Mt.Angeles 135 Port Angeles,
Mt. Angeles
Whiskey Bend Joyce 102, Mt. Olympus 134, Mt. Angeles 135. Elwha, Lake Sutherland
Barnes Creek Lake Crescent 101, Joyce102 Lake Crescent,
Sol Duc / High Divide Mt. Tom 133, Mt. Olympus 134 Bogachiel Peak, Lake Crescent, Spruce Mtn.
Olympic Coast North
(Custom Correct Maps makes a great, and convenient, map for the Olympic NorthCoast that has the advantage of being all on one sheet.)
Cape Flattery 98S, Ozette130S LaPush,
Allens Bay,
Makah Bay
Olympic Coast South LaPush 163S Toleak Point,
Hoh Head
Bogachiel River Spruce Mtn. 132,
Mt. Tom 133
Reade Hill,
Indian Pass,
Winfield Creek,
Hoh River Trail Spruce Mtn. 132,
Mt. Tom 133
Winfield Creek,
Queets River Kloochman Rock 165 Salmon River West,
Salmon River East
2. Olympics SOUTH
Olympic Hot Springs / Appleton Pass Joyce 102
Mt. Olympus 134
Lake Sutherland
the Bob (Colonel Bob Wilderness) Quinault Lake 197,
Grisdale 198
Lake Quinault East
Enchanted Valley Kloochman Rock 165,
Mt.Christie 166,
Mt. Steel 167
Lake Quinault East
North Fork Quinault Mt. Christie 166 Lake Quinault East,
Finley Creek,
Bunch Lake
Irely Lake / Skyline Trail Mt. Christie 166 Lake Quinault East,
Finley Creek,
Bunch Lake
Graves Creek / Six Ridge Mt. Christie 166,
Mt. Steel 167
Bunch Lake, Mt. Hoquiam, Mt. Olson, Mt. Skokomish
Fletcher Canyon Mt. Christie 166  
BIG TREES! Green Trails map is of limited use. Try the downloadable map available from the Quinault National Forest website (Quinault Loop Trail #854); this same map is available in paper form at the QNF Ranger Station right there across the road from the Quinault Merc.
3. Olympics EAST
Big Quilcene / Marmot Pass Tyler Peak 136 Mt. Walker,
Mt. Townsend
Dosewallips River the Brothers 168,
Mt.Steel 167
Mt. Jupiter,
the Brothers
Duckabush River the Brothers 168,
Mt.Steel 167
Mt. Jupiter,
the Brothers
Hamma Hamma River the Brothers 168,
Mt.Steel 167
Mt. Jupiter,
the Brothers
North Fork Skokomish / Staircase Mt.Steel 167 Mt. Jupiter,
the Brothers
4. Darrington
Crystal Lake / Meadow Lake Silverton 110,
Sloan Peak 111,
Glacier Peak 112
5. Gold Bar, Stevens Pass, Leavenworth
Skykomish Skykomish 175 Skykomish,
Wild Sky Wilderness Index 142, Monte Cristo 143, Skykomish 175, Stevens Pass 176  
Stevens Pass Stevens Pass 176,
Benchmark Mtn. 144
Stevens Pass,
Labyrinth Mtn.
Enchantment Lakes Enchantments 209S Cashmere Mtn.,
Enchantment Lakes
Lake Wenatchee Plain 146,
WenatcheeLake 145
Lake Wenatchee
White River Plain 146,
WenatcheeLake 145
Mt. David
Mad River Plain 146,
Brief 147
Sugarloaf Peak
Ardenvoir Cashmere 179,
Brief 147
Ingalls Creek Liberty 210,
Mt. Stuart 209
Enchantment Lakes
Lake Chelan Holden 113,
Lucerne 114,
McGregor Mtn. 81,
Stehekin 82
Lake Lyall
6. Packwood
Packwood Lake Packwood 302 Packwood,
Packwood Lake
Tatoosh Lakes Packwood 302 Tatoosh Lakes
Vanson Peak Spirit Lake 332 Vanson Peak
Snowgrass Flat Snowgrass 302,
WhitePass 303,
Blue Lake 334,
Walupt Lake 335
Old Snowy Mtn.
Goat Ridge Packwood 302 Packwood,
Old Snowy Mtn.
7. Additional Areas
Long Beach
(Dave is only humoring the editor and doesn't think you need this trip OR a map.)
Mt. Baker Wilderness Hamilton 45,
LakeShannon 46
Lake Shannon,
Welker Peak
Snoqualmie Pass
(No public transit goes here)

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