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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I take my dog?

Dogs aren't welcome in National Parks. They are allowed in National Forests except for Wilderness areas. Each bus system has its own policy - registered service dogs are pretty much allowed on all buses, but slacker non-working pets are another thing - contact the transit systems with your questions.

Okay then, can I at least take my bike?

Most buses come equipped with bike racks. If the rack is full, it is at the driver's discretion to allow your bike inside the bus. Northwestern Trailways doesn't allow bikes except as a boxed, checked piece of luggage. National Parks, the same ones who disallow your dog, also don't allow bikes. Bikes are allowed in most National Forests except Wilderness areas - call the local ranger station to be sure. There are some ways you might be able to ride your bike and leave it near a trailhead, but considering you'll be carrying your camping gear, and leaving the bike to the mercy of strangers...

Is there wi-fi in the woods?

Yes. Yes, there is. Raccoons are notorious hackers.


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